lørdag 10. oktober 2009

They`re watching you

FathersDay Two bright EYES are watching you, mother and dad,
They’re watching you all the day long,
Absorbing unconsciously all that you are,
Not dreaming that you could be wrong.

Two quick EARS are listening to all that you say,
They’re listening to you, mother and dad.
Then speak of the things that are lovely true,
For some day you wish that you had.

Two swift little FEET follow you all of the day,
They step in the footprints you make.
If you follow God’s paths, they’ll walk there too,
Or stray if His ways you forsake.

Two soft little HANDS have been placed into yours,
They’re trustfully clinging to you.
Today, while they’re pliable, train them aright,
They’ll do what you teach them to do.

A warm little HEART beats to music you make,
To your life notes of love or of hate,
It swings to the rhythm of your life all day,
Do not let it hear love notes too late.

2 kommentarer:

  1. For et vakkert dikt - og så sant, så sant. Virkelig noe å ta til ettertanke. Tone

  2. Hei hei Merethe. Tusen takk for koselig hilsen inne hos meg. Det varmet. Så utrolig vakkert dikt. Nydelig ting du får fram i bloggen din. Ønsker deg en go lørdagskveld. Therese.